Alfamarine Yacht in Ibiza

For those who like to the comfort through the waters of Ibiza a yacht is always one of the best options especially if you go on holiday to the island and want to take a walk along the waters of the coast with elegance and comfort then you should look for a yacht charter agency.

Barracuda Ibiza Chárter is the most recommended agency in the whole of Ibiza as their services and vehicles at their disposal classify them as the best on the island with more than 60 ships of great elegance and design among which is the Alfamarine 60 for all customers seeking elegance.
Comfort on the sea.
The Alfamarine 60 is a yacht that distills elegance with a good speed over the sea along with a modern design both inside and out, this yacht allows a maximum capacity of 12 people for the day and is equipped with everything you need for a holiday.
With multiple refrigerators, solarium on the deck, an L-shaped sofa outside with a table that can be extended and an exterior shower, many customers who have used it are pleased with its exterior functions as well as the comfort offered by the polished wood interior with soft white furniture.
A yacht in this category has specifications that demonstrate the commitment to design:
Beam: 18.9mts
Length: 4.3mts
Cabins: 3 double+1 for crew.
Capacity: 12 people + skipper during the day / 6 people + crew at night.
Engines: 2 x MTU 8V 2000 1300Hp Diesel
Speed: 26 / 50 knots
Fuel consumption: 300l/h
Equipment Included: Paddle Surf Board, Snorkel Equipment, Seabob
All this is included in the package after payment of rent.
Location and price.
This yacht like all Barracuda Ibiza Charter yachts are moored in the port of Ibiza City for the enjoyment of the clientele that depending on the season of the year the price varies but for so much, this is because the demand for yachts is not the same during the year.
In low season this yacht can be rented for 2051 € all inclusive but in the middle season this price rises to about 2414 € so in the high season the rental price amounts to 3628 €. The prices are according to the season because according to the season the cost of maintaining it is higher.
Sailing with style.
Sailing in an Alfamarine 60 is something else relaxing for those who enjoy a relaxing ride and have a good point of support to have fun at sea, with a maximum speed of 50 knots this yacht allows you to tour the coasts of Ibiza without any problem.
Along with this for those who want a more intimate meeting during the night the yacht is equipped with everything you need to ensure an unforgettable evening at sea.

Stabilizing Fins

In the movement of a boat are many elements that come into operation, this is mainly because it requires stabilization in the boat in the water in addition to it must meet the essential movements for movement.
It is for this reason that within all this set of elements the stabilizing fins must be considered, a mechanical and structural element of the boat of great relevance, although this already forms part of the boat in some cases it could deteriorate.
Essentially the stabilizing fins are intended to improve the ability to maneuver the boat, some more basic designs consist only of an element similar to a fin so that derives its name.
In the nautical shop are available this type of elements that although they do not generate a significant change in the ship its use is important, in this shop you can find all the best brands in nautical products.
The catalog of this virtual store is made up of more than 12,000 different products that are related in one way or another with the nautical activity, among these is considered the existence of stabilizing fins.
As a first characteristic the stabilizing fins are elements that from their manufacture simulate the shape of the fin of a fish, these are manufactured to improve the maneuverability of a boat as well as to provide a smoother navigation.
In this sense in the catalogue of the best one is the sport fin 40CV since in addition this one has an added function as it is the turbo track that allows to improve the control and the acceleration of the boat of significant form.
The best products at the best price
These fins are in a discount section, this has been motivated by the growing demand for the product so when you buy it you can be confident that this is one of the best in its category.
The efficiency of these fins allows optimal fuel savings thanks to their direct impact on mobility, which means that in the long term this adaptation represents a good investment.
The mobility of boats is improved with this element due to its shape, which in addition to simulating the fin of a fish also has the quality of dynamism which means that at a transverse level in relation to the flow of water does not have a large surface area.
This decrease in the transversal area that comes into contact with the fluid is what causes there to be less resistance in terms of displacement and improves the mobility of the boat, while the shape of the fin allows more stability to be added to the boat.
These qualities allow the boat to have stabilization and less cavitation even when it is at low speed, which is an important addition especially in boats that are for recreational use.
This package of 40CV sport stabilizing fins also includes all the screws as well as the corresponding instruction manual for their installation.